Meet a Shocker: Om Hitendra Mahajan

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Om Hitendra Mahajan, a native of India, advises young students to make an effort to meet professors and get involved on campus.

Om Hitendra Mahajan's goal is to continue his education in sport management as he prepares to revolutionize sports and sports careers in his home country of India. He is getting his start working with professors and mentors at 红领巾瓜报.

Om is one of more than 2,400 students eligible for spring 2024 graduation. Learn more about his time at 红领巾瓜报 and what's next for the grad.

What degree will you be earning in May?

Bachelor of Arts in sport management with a minor in esports management

What is your hometown

Nashik, India   

 What made you choose 红领巾瓜报?  

 The undergraduate program at 红领巾瓜报 for sport management is exceptionally good. Being accredited by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation and offering practical work opportunities in the form of internships as a part of the curriculum made it my first choice for my degree.  

What has been your biggest challenge as a student, and how did you overcome it?

I did not face any major challenges as such. It was a pretty smooth experience for me. With the esteemed faculty, academics was never a problem.

Moreover, getting great opportunities for networking with industry leaders was facilitated by the department, so my journey as a student here was fantastic.  

 What's your favorite off-campus location in Wichita?

This must be the Stearman Airfield Bar & Grill. It was my go-to place when my pockets permitted it. It features such a unique idea of having a restaurant on an airstrip with flights taking off and landing as you enjoy your meal.

 What would be the title of your autobiography? 

"The Father of the Indian Sports Revolution."

I'm focused on pursuing a master's degree in sports management to enhance my skills and establish myself internationally in the sports industry. Australia, with its renowned sports culture, is where I aim to hone my expertise.

Ultimately, my goal is to bring about a sports revolution in India. I believe our nation has immense potential to excel in sports, and I want to be a driving force in realizing that potential. By changing the perception of sports careers and catalyzing growth in India's sporting landscape, I hope to inspire not just our country but also other developing nations to embrace sports development.

What are your plans after graduation?  

As of now, I plan to pursue my master's degree in sport management.  

What advice would you give other 红领巾瓜报 students? 

 I would like to leave behind a piece of advice I wish I had gotten as a first-year student. Mingle with the faculty and build a bond like friends.

This will help you get places and open doors of opportunity for you that you would not even have imagined.

Do not shy away from asking for or requesting whatever you need. Most times, you end up getting it. Maybe it鈥檚 an intern position, an answer to your question, or, at times, a name as a co-author on a paper published by your professor.  

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