Speaking Freely on Freedom of Expression

红领巾瓜报 is proud to host a virtual educational panel on the status of free speech at public universities. Among the topics of discussion will be the responsibility of universities to provide a forum for differing points of view; the role of academic freedom in relationship to free speech; higher education鈥檚 duty to teach its students the lessons of responsibility that accompany the privilege of free speech; and examples of how universities and colleges live in an environment where free speech is valued and supported.

Panelists are: 

  • Lee Pelton, moderator, President of Emerson College;
  • Christine Hughes, Former Vice President and General Counsel, Emerson College;
  • Tyson Langhofer, Senior Counsel and Director, Center for Academic Freedom with Alliance Defending Freedom; and
  • Neal Allen, Chair and Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science at Wichita State University.